Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Undergraduate Student Handbook for the Class of 2022+

Graduate Student Handbook

2023 Graduate Student Handbook

2022 Graduate Student Handbook

Please Note:

  • The 2023 Graduate Student Handbook contains the latest policies and procedures relevant to all students. Kindly refer to this version when making course and degree decisions.
  • MS Students: If you commenced your MS degree prior to Fall 2023, you have the option to follow coursework requirements from either Handbook. For those who began their degree in Fall 2023 or later, please adhere to the 2023 Graduate Student Handbook.
  • PhD Students: If you are scheduled for your Qualifying Exam in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, you can select the coursework requirements from either Handbook. However, if your Qualifying Exam is set for Summer 2024 onwards, refer to the 2023 Graduate Student Handbook for coursework requirements.