Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research at Rutgers ECE

For more information regarding undergraduate research opportunities please contact:

       Prof. Shantenu Jha
       Email: shantenu.jha@rutgers.edu
       Office: CoRE 705

Current Research Opportunities:

1. Prof. Dario Pompili
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory, directed by Prof. Dario Pompili is looking for students proficient in C++ programming for projects in the area of distributed computing.   
This position will be paid hourly. Interested students should send their updated CV to cpslab.rutgers@gmail.com along with any information about the projects executed so far (e.g., via GitHub repository).
Status:  Available
2. Prof. Janne Lindqvist
Multiple Projects Available
Undergraduate students are welcome to discuss working on challenging and exciting research topics with Prof. Janne Lindqvist at janne@winlab.rutgers.edu. The topics vary from human-computer interaction, mobile computing and security engineering.

Research approaches include working on mobile apps, web app, surveys, interviews to working with human participants.
All research topics will be defined with the student based on their interests and skills, and desires to develop new skills.
Previous success stories include:
First author started as undergraduate student, tier-1 paper:
Fourth author undergraduate student, tier-1 and best paper nominee http://www.winlab.rutgers.edu/~janne/elasticpathing-ubicomp14.pdf
See more at http://elasticpathing.org
Status: Available


3. Prof. Dario Pompili
The focus of this project is to implement an Android application for mobile grid computing. The expected role of candidates is to collect real-time data from different Android devices, and process and visualize them. A picture below is the sample application for the final product.


Please find the link below for more information about the mobile grid applications.
Good Android programming skills (e.g., UI, network). Good understanding of real-time systems
GPA above 3.0, or interviewed by the faculty
Compensation: $10/hour
Start Date/ Hours per Week:
Status: Available
4. Prof. Dario Pompili 
The project focus is to create a team of underwater vehicles that will swarm and take measurements for water quality monitoring. Some work has already been done on this project by students who have graduated in May 2012. A picture of the vehicle we are working on (the Neptune) can be found below.


1. Some skills that might come in handy are familiarity with Linux, Arduino, and Python. Knowledge of circuitry and basic hobby-type hardware is also a plus.
2. GPA above 3.5, or interviewed by the faculty
Compensation: $10/hour
Start Date/ Hours per Week:
Status: Available
5. Prof. Athina Petropulu
Using blind source separation ideas to separate the vibration signatures of trucks passing over a bridge based on recordings of sensors placed on the bridge.
Knowledge of Matlab and a good math background
6. Prof. Yicheng Lu
  1. ZnO materials characterization
  2. ZnO devices fabrication and testing
  3. Biosensors and biochips
  1. Completed the Electronic Devices and Electronic Devices Lab
  2. GPA above 3.5, or interviewed the faculty