Graduate Faculty

Ioannis Androulakis
Dept of Biomedical Engineering
(848) 445-6561,; BME-212.
Research area: Systems biology
Research interests: Functional links between cellular events, such as signaling transcription and
translation. Interactions that include bidirectional links between cells, tissues, organs,
environmental signals, and physiological responses.

Waheed Bajwa
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
(848) 445-8541,; CoRE 723
Research area: Digital Signal Processing
Research interests: Digital signal processing, high-dimensional inference and inverse problems, compressed sensing,
wireless communications.

H. Baruh
Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (848) 445-3680 –;
Structural dynamics, control of structures using piezoelectric component, impact dynamics,
control of systems describing constrained coordinates, autonomous vehicle control, structural
damage detection.

G. Burdea
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering (848) 445-5309 -; CoRE-721
Virtual reality systems, force feedback interfaces, medical applications of virtual reality.

M. Caggiano
Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, (848) 445-0678, EE-111,
 High performance and microwave IC device packaging. Electronic circuits.

Yingying (Jennifer) Chen
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, (848) 445-9151, CoRE-506, Cybersecurity, Networking, Computer Engineering,, Mobile healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security and
 Privacy, Connected vehicles, Mobile Computing and Sensing.

M. Chhowalla
Dept of  Material Science and Engineering (848)-445-5619,
 Graphene oxide, copper, organic electronics, optoelectronics, solar cells.

S-W. Cheong
Dept of Physics and Astronomy (848)445-5500 x4607 –;
Experimental condensed-matter physics and material science.

D. L. Comaniciu
Siemens Corporate Technology, Princeton, NJ, Ph. D. Rutgers University
 Medical imaging, scanner automation. Cardiac modeling, image-guided surgery, biomedical
 informatics, computer vision, and machine learning.

K. Dana
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering (848) 445-5253 -; CoRE-514
Computational models for image texture with applications in pattern recognition and scene
rendering. Physics-based methods for vision and graphics. Stochastic processes for surface
modeling and texture analysis. Medical image processing using image registration, fusion and
change detection. Optical imaging models for microscopy.

M. Mehri Dehnavi
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering –; CoRE-715
Numerical analysis, machine learning, high-performance computing, compiler and library design,
cloud computing.

Salim El Rouayheb
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Communications, Cybersecurity,, Information theory,
Coding theory, and their applications to data security and privacy.

Thomas N. Farris
Dean of the School of Engineering (848) 445-2214 –; SOE-B203
Aerospace structures and materials. Tribology, manufacturing, fatigue and fracture.

L. C. Feldman
Institute of Advanced Materials, Devices and Nanotechnology (848) 445-4526,; CCR-206 
The chemical formation and structure of thin film materials and their applications to problems of semiconductor science and engineering and applications associated with energy. Included in the latter are the fundamentals of photon inter\actions with solids, and radiation effects in semiconductor materials.

R.H. Frenkiel
Communications (848) 932-6857 x 635 -; WLTC-C111
Wireless systems architecture.

Z. Gajic
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Systems and Control (848) 445-3415; 445-2578 -; EE-222 & EE-134A
Singular perturbation methods in control system analysis. Linear stochastic estimation and control.
Deterministic and stochastic differential games. Bilinear control systems. Jump parameter linear
stochastic systems and Markov chains. Matrix Lyapunov and Riccati equations. Control of power
in optical and wireless networks, fuel and solar cells, and energy systems.

H. Godrich
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering (848) 445-0606 –; EE-122
Statistical and aray signal processing, distributed detection and estimation with application in radar
 systems, wireless sensor networks, and smart power grids.

L.J. Greenstein
(848) 932-6857 x 637 –; WLTC-C102
Wireless communications.

M. Gruteser Communications (848) 932-6875 x 649, (848) 445-1011; CoRE-505; WLTC-C114
Pervasive computing architectures and prototyping; location tracking, location-aware systems and
applications; information privacy and security for wireless networks and sensor-based systems.

S. J. Hanson
Dept of Physiology, Newark (Brain Imaging Center) (973) 353-5440 x 3952,
 Learning theory and experiment, connectionist models of human characterization and object
 recognition, brain imaging – predictive decoding/MVPA and graphical models, event perception,
 language supporting functions.

M. Javanmard
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electronics, (848) 445-3382, EE 211,
Nanobiotechnology, BioMEMS, Microfluidics, Micro and Nanofabrication, Biosensing,
 Bioelectronics, Early Cancer Diagnostic Systems, Pathogen Detection, Diagnostics for the
 Developing World

J. Jeon
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Solid State Electronics (848) 445-0436 -; EE-217
Nano-electro-mechanical relay devices, energy-efficient electronics, neural relay devices,
neuromorphic systems, advanced materials and process technologies for energy-harvesting

S. Jha
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, (848) 445-8537, , CoRE-705
High-performance and distributed computing, scientific computation, large-scale
cyberinfrastructure for supporting scientific and engineering computation.

W. Jiang
Solid State Electronics (848) 445-2164 –; EE-215
Photonic crystals, silicon photonics, nanophotonics, nanoimprint.

J. K-J. Li
Dept of  Biomedical Engineering (848) 445-6582 -; Biomedical Eng’g Bldg;
Circulatory dynamics; instrumentation; physiological control.

J. Lindqvist
Communications/Computer Engineering (848) 445-0610, CoRE-521,
 Human behavior using computer systems, systems security and privacy, security for mobile
 systems and pervasive computing, automotive computing.

Y. Lu
Solid State Electronics (848) 445-3466 -; EE-217
Wide band gap semiconductor (ZnO and GaN) materials and devices, tunable RF components,
dielectric thin films, MOCVD growth.

R. Mammone
Digital Signal Processing (848) 932-4455 -; CoRE-713
Investigation and applications of new signal extraction algorithms, ultrasound and optical image
restoration, speech parameter extraction, equalization of communication channels, machine vision,
pattern recognition, expert systems and applications of neuro-networks.

N. Mandayam
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Communications (848) 932-6875 x642 -; EE-128
(848) 445-0876 
Communication theory, spread spectrum, wireless system performance, multi-access protocols,
multimedia communications over wireless systems, multiuser detection.

I. Marsic
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Computer Engineering (848) 445-6399 -; CoRE-711
Distributed Systems for Collaborative/Information Processing and Learning-(DISCIPLE), methods
of object recognition in wavelet scale, image reconstruction, and machine vision.

R. Martin
Dept of Computer Science (848) 445-6450 x 2005 –
 Sensor networks, wireless networks, internet, localization, ad-hoc communication networks.

S. McAfee
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Solid State Electronics (848) 445-5247 -; EE-213
Fundamental properties of deep levels in semiconductors. Influence of deep levels on the growth
parameters of molecular beam epitaxy silicon, metal-organic chemical vapor deposited Al(GaAs)
and InGaAsP materials and devices. Semiconductor processing in silicon and III-V materials for
basic research and device applications. Fiber optics with emphasis on fiber optic coupling of lasers
and waveguides. Electromagnetic field applications in materials and antennas.

P. Meer
Computer Engineering (848) 445-5243 - CoRE-519
Application of modern statistical methods to computer vision and pattern recognition; robust
techniques for image understanding; probabilistic algorithms for machine vision problems;
representation of semantical visual information.

L. Najafizadeh
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Nano and Microelectronics (848) 445-0593 –; CoRE-520
Brain imaging, microelectronics and circuits design, signal processing and biophotonics

S. Oh
Physics and Astronomy (848) 445-5500 (x4017) -; Serin W121
Molecular beam epitaxy of functional oxides and quantum materials, and low dimensional
electronic properties.

S. Orfanidis
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Digital Signal Processing (848) 445-5017 -; EE-230
Adaptive signal processing. Block processing and adaptive eigenvector methods for spectrum
estimation, direction finding, and pole retrieval. Neural networks.

M. Parashar
Computer Engineering and Science (848) 445-5388 -; CoRE-628
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, Scientific Computing, Computational
Interaction and Steering, Network/Application Quality-of-Service, Active Networks, and
Performance Evaluation and Prediction.

V. M. Patel
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  Digital Signal Processing and Computer Engineering (848) 445-5250 –; CoRE 508
Computer vision, signal, image and video processing, biometrics, pattern recognition, mobile
security and privacy, radar imaging, computational imaging, compressive sampling, image

A. Petropulu
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Digital Signal Processing and Communications (848) 445-0414; CoRE-510
Statistical signal processing – system identification; MIMO system estimation; blind source
separation; higher-order statistics. Networking – cooperative protocols for wireless networks;
high-speed wireline and wireless traffic modeling; cross-layer approaches. Wireless
communications – blind channel estimation and equalization; CDMA systems; OFDM systems.
Biomedical engineering – tissue characterization for breast cancer detection based on the
ultrasound rf echo; resolution improvement of ultrasound images; Raman spectroscopy for tissue

D. Pompili
Computer Engineering (848) 445-8533 –; CoRE-615
Sensor Networks, Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, Sensor and Actor Networks, Ad Hoc
Networks, Wireless Internet, Wireless Mobile Networks, Overlay Networks, Traffic Engineering,
Optimization, Multimedia Communications, Satellite Networks.

D. Raychaudhuri
Communications (848) 932-6857 x638 -; WTLC-C03;
(848) 445-0877; CoRE-501
Network architecture, design and prototyping; Communication protocols/software; Quality-ofservice,
mobility management, and content delivery in mobile networks; Wireless system design,
including spectrum management, radio MAC/link protocols &; network management; Broadband
network technologies.

I. Rodero
Computer Engineering, (848) 445-8536,; CoRE 624.
 Parallel and distributed computing; extreme-scale computing: energy/power efficiency,
 cloud and automatic computing, scalable data management and analytics, big data.

A. Sarwate
Signal Processing, (848) 445-8516,; CoRE 517
 Information processing in distributed systems, using tools from machine learning, signal
 processing, information theory, statistics, and optimization. I am interested in designing
 methods to learn from data which is private or sensitive.

G. K. Shoane
Dept of Biomedical Engineering (848) 445-6583 –;
Binocular vision; vergence; accommodation model; amblyopia.

D. Silver
Computer Engineering (848) 445-5546 -; CoRE-709
Computer graphics, scientific visualization, numerical analysis, computational geometry.

E. Soljanin
Communications and Computer Engineering (848) 445-5256 –; CoRE 511
Mathematics of distributed systems, in particular concerning mechanisms for efficient, reliable, and
secure distributed data storage that provide fast access, download, and streaming of big data files.
Coding, information and queuing theory. Applications of probability, algebra, graph and number
theory, and combinatorics to distributed systems.

E. D. Sontag
Dept of Mathematics (848) 445-2390 –; Hill-724
Linear and nonlinear control; neural networks; feedback design.

P. Spasojevic
Communications (848) 932-6857 x648-; WLTC-C113
(848) 445-1372; CoRE-504
Wireless and wired digital communications, adaptive and statistical signal processing, sequence
and channel estimation, multi-user detection; equalization and synchronization, iterative detection,
and receiver implementation.

W. Trappe
Communications (848) 932-6857 x644 -; WLTC-C110
(848) 445-0611; CoRE-523
Multimedia and multicast information security, signal, image and video processing, wireless
networking, cryptography and network security.

R. Wright
Computer Science (848) 445-5931 -; CoRE-410
 Security; privacy; cryptography; fault-tolerant distributed computing

M. Wu
Communications, (848) 445-5393 -  EE-232
Research interests include applied electromagnetics, antennas,
passive/active microwave and millimeter-wave components, RF systems and metamaterials.

R. Yates
Communications (848) 932-6857 x641 -; WLTC-A102
(848) 445-5249; CoRE-515
Power control, interference suppression and handoff for wireless networks, multiaccess protocols,
discrete time queueing networks.

J. Yi
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, (848) 445-3282 –; Engineering D-157
 Autonomous robotic systems; dynamic systems and control; mechatronics; automation science and

Y. Zhang
Computer Engineering (848) 932-6857 X646 -; WLTC-A104
(848) 445-0608; CoRE-518
Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems and Networking.

J. Zhao
Solid State Electronics (848) 445-5240 – ; CoRE-512
Semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices, SiC and GaN technologies, and computer
modelling of semiconductor devices.

S. Zonouz
Computer Engineering, (848) 445-8508 -; CoRE 524
 Design and implementation for systems and networks security and privacy. Cyber-physical critical
 infrastructures, embedded systems, operating system security, intrusion detection and forensics
 analysis, and software reverse engineering.

Q. Zou
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (848)445-3268,;
Eng. Bld. D-102
 System inversion theory, iterative control theory, experimental design with applications to
 nanotechnology and biomedical applications.