Yingying Chen receives ARO Grant

Professor Yingying Chen has received a new Army Research Office (ARO) award for the project titled "Enhanced Learning of Sensor Fusion for Human Authentication" This is a three year $351,162 project in collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ($100,000).

In this project, Yingying and her team proposes a learning-based user authentication framework leveraging multi-modal user verification grounded on human’s physical traits extracted from existing mobile devices without requiring specialized hardware or verification infrastructure. They plan to develop sensor-fusion based machine learning techniques, which seek to add two important security aspects in user authentication: continuous user verification exploiting unique gait patterns and online signature verification via touch-screen sensing. The research goal is to exploit ensemble learning of information from multiple classifiers on single sensor data to combat the inherent problems coming from a single biometric indicator and further use confidence distribution combining to aggregate decisions from multiple sensors to produce more powerful and robust matching results to achieve enhanced user authentication.

Congratulations Yingying!