Rutgers Team receives NSF Grant for Learning-Assisted Additive Manufacturing

ECE Assistant Professor Bo Yuan is a co-PI on a Rutgers team that received a new NSF award for the project titled "Computation-Informed Learning of Melt Pool Dynamics for Real-Time Prognosis.”  The team received a three-year $509K award and is led by Professor Yuebin Guo (PI) from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Prof. Dong Deng from Computer Science is also a Co-PI.
The goal of this project is to explore deep understanding and fast prediction of melt pool behaviors are necessary for printing high-quality parts. Data science models (e.g., deep learning, or DL) may use diverse types of melt pool data for efficient prediction of overheating. But the data science models lack transparency, are computationally expensive, and need massive training data. On the other hand, computational models may understand the complex melt pool behaviors, but require continuous updates of model parameters and are not suitable for fast prediction. This project provides an integrated approach by using the strength of both models for fast prediction of melt pool overheating. The outcome of this project will not only contribute to the fundamental knowledge of deep learning but also enable the broad acceptance of the project's testbed as a public tool for the additive manufacturing community. 
You can find more details on the project at the NSF page here
Congratulations to Bo and the team!