Lindqvist Receives NSF CAREER Award

Rutgers electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Janne Lindqvist was awarded a prestigious CAREER award by the National Science Foundation. The award is given to early career faculty who show excellence in integrating teaching and research.

Lindqvist was awarded $507,568 for his research in science of security. As smartphones have become the main computing and internet platform, a critical need has emerged for secure authentication methods to verify authorized users. Many solutions have been proposed, but there remains insufficient understanding of effective and user-friendly methods of securing information. The research will provide understanding of human cognitive capabilities that can support security. Lindquist also focuses on promoting underrepresented students in STEM, from K-12 and above. A native of Finland, Lindqvist came to Rutgers in 2011.

“CAREER awards are a tremendous honor for Rutgers and recognize our most promising junior faculty who will provide meaningful research opportunities for the students they teach and mentor” said Thomas N. Farris, dean of the engineering school.