COSMIC grant awarded to Columbia, Rutgers, U Arizona and CCNY

A Rutgers/Columbia/Arizona/CCNY team has been awarded a $3M/3yr grant (Rutgers amount $840K) from NSF entitled "IRNC: Testbed: COSMOS Interconnecting Continents (COSM-IC)".  The Rutgers PI is WINLAB Chief Technology Officer Ivan Seskar, with Distinguished Professor Dipankar Raychaudhuri as co-PI.  The project is aimed at development of an international networking and wireless testbed by federating US research testbeds including COSMOS, ORBIT, FABRIC and PEERING with experimental facilities in Ireland, Greece, Brazil and Japan.  The federated international testbed will enable experimental research on a wide range of  optical, wireless, SDN networking, inter-domain routing and edge computing experiments at a global scale.  
Congratulations to Ivan and Ray!