2021 ECE Undergraduate and Graduate Award Ceremony

The ECE Department would like to congratulate each of our undergraduate and graduate students who received awards and recognition during the May 13, 2021 Virtual Celebration! We had a great time celebrating your accomplishments virtually and look forward to the day that we can congratulate you in person.

For anyone who missed the Celebration, you are welcome to view a recording of the event on our ECE YouTube channel.

UG and Graduate Award Presentation 2021 (PDF)




Opening remarks were made by ECE Chair Narayan Mandayam, Dean Thomas N. Farris, and ECE Undergraduate Director Wade Trappe.

ECE Faculty presented Undergraduate Leadership / Service Awards to:

  • Samantha Cheng – Ambassador – department liaison
  • Ariela Chomski – RU IEEE President
  • Puru Saxena – Fishbowl tutor
  • Tran Trong Tan Ngo - Fishbowl tutor
  • Natalie Kim - Fishbowl tutor
  • Yang Bai – Fishbowl tutor
  • Thorson Dai- Fishbowl tutor
  • Amber Haynes – Federal Work Study
  • Sukhjit Singh – Federal Work Study
  • Piotr Zakrevski – Federal Work Study

The George and Ilsa Goubau Memoria Awards for Academic Excellence and Strength in Electromagnetics were presented to:

  • Andrew Simon
  • Peter Wu
  • Crystal D’Souza
  • Naomie Popo

The Ashok and Yohavall Sethu Electrical and Computer Engineering Annual Scholarships were presented to:

  • Jakub Vogel
  • Yati Patel

Graduate awards introductory remarks were given by Graduate Director Yingying Chen. The ECE Graduate Program had 24 doctoral graduates in the 2020/2021 school year.

The following doctoral graduates are the recipients of the ECE Graduate Program Academic Achievement Awards:

  • Intessar Al-Iedani, January 2021, advisor: Dr. Zoran Gajic
  • Ali Haddad, January 2021, advisor: Dr. Laleh Najafizadeh
  • Guangyuan Li, May 2021, advisor: Dr. Yicheng Lu
  • Siyu Liao, October 2020, advisor: Dr. Bo Yuan
  • Vidyasagar Sadhu, October 2020, advisor: Dr. Dario Pompili
  • Mohammad Yousefvand, May 2021, advisor: Dr. Narayan Mandayam

The Teaching Assistant Awards for the Spring 2020 semester were presented to:

  • Corey Norton
  • Faith Johnson
  • Shiva Salsabilian

The Teaching Assistant Awards for the Fall 2020 semester were presented to:

  • Anastasios Dimas
  • Carolina Naim
  • Pei Peng

The Graduate Leadership / Service Award was given to:

  • Demetrios Lambropoulos, Capstone Assistant

The Professor Narindra Puri Memorial Endowed Scholarship awards were presented to:

  • Jeffrey Isaacs
  • Zhaoyi Xu
  • Shounak Rangwala

The Paul Panayotatos Endowed Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Tahiya Chowdhury
  • Murtadha Aldeer

IEEE Communications Society Phoenix ISS Award was presented to:

  • Tejashri Kuber

Prof. Narayan Mandayam, the ECE Department Chair gave closing remarks.

Congratulations and good luck to all ECE students!