14:332:491, 492 - Special Problems/Independent Research

Course catalog description: Individual investigation in some branch of electrical and computer engineering of particular interest to the student. Topic selected for study must be approved and directed by a faculty member.


Pre-Requisite: A minimum GPA of 2.5 

Co-Requisite courses: None

Information for Students: A maximum of six credits (three credits at the most per semester) can be earned under special problems. The credits can be used to satisfy the departmental or technical elective requirements. A one page proposal of the technical work along with its title and the application form at


must be submitted by email to the Undergraduate Director with a CC to the faculty advisor in order to enroll in this course. Students who are on academic probation are not qualified to enroll in this course. A technical report describing in detail the study undertaken must be submitted to the Undergraduate Director at the end of the study.