SIP Seminar 2017

SIP Seminar Series

The SIP Seminar Series at Rutgers University–New Brunswick brings together a diverse group of researchers, both from within and outside Rutgers, on (approximately) a biweekly basis to discuss recent advances in signal and information processing. The term of “Signal and Information Processing” used within the SIP Seminars is rather broad in nature and subsumes signal processing, image processing, statistical inference, machine learning, computer vision, control theory, harmonic analysis, information theory, etc.

Career preparation: Advice and Resources for Grad Students

Dear ECE Graduate students, 


Career preparation:  Advice and Resources for Grad Students

September 26, 2017 Tuesday; 4:30pm to 6:00pm, Busch Student Center 116 ABC


Thinking about life after grad school?  This workshop will tell you about NEW resources available at the School of Graduate Studies and Career Services to help you prepare for and get a job, in or outside academia. 

School of Engineering Honors Faculty Excellence


The Rutgers University School of Engineering celebrated the 2017 Faculty Award winners, following a nomination and selection process that included the School’s faculty, alumni, and friends. In recognition of their contributions to the School of Engineering through their achievements in scholarship, teaching, and service Dipanakar Raychaudhuri, Distinguished Professor of Electical and Computer Engineering, has been named Faculty of the Year.


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