Undergraduate Course Descriptions

14:332:221    Principles of Electrical Engineering I

14:332:222    Principles of Electrical Engineering II

14:332:223    Principles of Electrical Engineering I Laboratory

14:332:224    Principles of Electrical Engineering II Laboratory

14:332:226    Probability and Random Processes 

14:332:231    Digital Logic Design

14:332:233    Digital Logic Design Laboratory 

14:332:252    Programming Methodology I

14:332:254    Programming Methodology I Lab 

14:332:301    Forces and Strategies that Shaped the Wireless Revolution (Upper level Humanities/Science elective) 

14:332:303    Honors Candidacy Problems

14:332:304    Honors Candidacy Problems

14:332:312    Discrete Mathematics

14:332:322    Principles of Communications Systems

14:332:331    Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

14:332:333    Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Laboratory

14:332:345    Linear Signals and Systems

14:332:346    Digital Signal Processing

14:332:347    Linear Signals and Systems Laboratory

14:332:348    Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

14:332:351    Programming Methodology II

14:332:361    Electronic Devices

14:332:363    Electronic Devices Laboratory

14:332:366    Digital Electronics

14:332:368    Digital Electronics Laboratory

14:332:373    Elements of Electrical Engineering

14:332:375    Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

14:332:376    Virtual Reality

14:332:378    Virtual Reality Lab 

14:332:382    Electromagnetic Fields

14:332:393    Professionalism/Ethics 

14:332:402    Sustainable Energy: Choosing Among the Options 

14:332:411    Electrical Energy Conversion

14:332:415    Introduction to Automatic Control Theory

14:332:417    Control Systems Design

14:332:421    Wireless Communications

14:332:423    Computer and Communication Networks

14:332:424    Introduction to Information and Network Security

14:332:427    Communications System Design

14:332:434    Introduction to Computer Systems

14:332:435     Programming for Embedded Systems

14:332:436    VLSI Testing

14:332:437    Digital Systems Design 

14:332:446     Energy Efficient Power Electronic Devices

14:332:447    Digital Signal Processing Design

14:332:448    Capstone Design in ECE 

14:332:451    Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Programming

14:332:452    Software Engineering

14:332:453    Mobile App Engineering and User Experience 

14:332:456    Network-Centric Programming

14:332:460    Power Electronics 

14:332:463    Analog Electronics

14:332:464    RF Integrated Circuit Design 

14:332:465    Physical Electronics

14:332:466    Optoelectronic Devices

14:332:467    Microelectronic Processing

14:332:472    Robotics and Computer Vision 

14:332:474    Introduction to Computer Graphics

14:332:479    VLSI Design 

14:332:481    Electromagnetic Waves 

14:332:482    Deep Submicron VLSI Design for ECE

14:332:491    Special Problems/ Independent Study

14:332:492    Special Problems/ Independent Study

14:332:493:01 Wearable and Implantable Electronic Systems

14:332:493    Biosensing and Bioelectronics

14:332:493:01 Sensor-based Systems and Applications

14:332:493:02 Hardware/Software Design of Embedded Systems

14:332:493:03 Biosensing and Bioelectronics

14:332:493:04 Sensor-based Systems and Applications

14:332:493:05 Introduction to Functional NeuroImaging Methods and Data Analysis

14:332:494    Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

14:332:494:01 Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Cloud Computing

14:332:494:02 Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Smart Grid: Fundamental Elements of Design 

14:332:496    Co-Op Internship in Electrical and Computer Engineering

14:332:497    Co-Op Internship in Electrical and Computer Engineering