ECE Graduate Student Team wins 2nd Place in Siemens FutureMakers Challenge Hackathon

An ECE graduate student team has won 2nd place at the Siemens Corporate Technology’s FutureMakers Challenge for the theme "Autonomous Agricultural Production using Robotics and AI."  The team comprising of students Matthew Purri, Jia Xue, Peri Akiva and Eric Wengrowski, who work in Professor Kristin Dana's lab won this recognition for their project "Computer Vision in Agriculture."  Professor Peter Oudemans from Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences co-advised the students on this project.  Please see attached an image of the GUI the students created as part of their proje

ECE Senior Greg Mueller Graduates After Initially Pursuing Music Career

The interplay of the left brain and right brain is epitomized by Gregory Mueller, whose greatest passions are music and math. He says the two disciplines kept him grounded throughout childhood and gave context to his adolescent life.

But when the time came to choose a focus for college, he faced a strong internal debate: Music or engineering? Engineering or music? Ultimately, Mueller just couldn’t see himself sitting behind a desk all day. And so music prevailed – at least for the time being. 


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