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Yingying Chen's group wins Best Paper Runner-Up Award at IEEE MASS 2023

Yingying Chen speaking while holding a microphone during a presentation

Yingying Chen's group won the Best Paper Runner-Up Award for their paper entitled "Towards Efficient Privacy-Preserving Top-k Trajectory Similarity Query" at IEEE MASS 2023. The 20th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (MASS 2023) is the premier conference for mobile ad-hoc networks and smart systems, defined broadly.  

As wireless ad-hoc networks continue to evolve and specialize into a number of application scenarios and environments, and sensor-based systems and technologies increasingly permeate our everyday life and become the inner fabric of the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems, the unfolding of smart environments such as smart cities, smart farming, smart healthcare, and smart manufacturing, to name a few, demand integrated solutions that can make intelligent use of both cloud and edge systems, while applying machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to handle their growing complexity and to leverage the vast amount of available data created.

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Computer Society's TCDP, the 20th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (MASS) was held in Toronto, Canada in September 2023, and brought together researchers, developers, and practitioners to address recent advances in mobile ad-hoc and smart systems, covering algorithms, theory, protocols, systems & applications, experimental evaluations and testbeds, security/privacy, as well as AI/ML-based smart design.

Congratulations on this achievment Yingying !