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Bachelor of Science Degree/Master of Science Degree (BS/MS) Combined Program 

If you are an ECE undergraduate at Rutgers, you have the opportunity to earn a Master of Science (MS) degree with as little as one more year of classes. There are several reasons you might want to pursue an MS degree:

  • It is an opportunity to get in another year of classes and get some exposure to more advanced topics.
  • Entry-level positions for students with an M.S. degree generally pay more and involve more interesting work.
  • The Dean’s Office will offer a one-time, $1,000 scholarship for any BS/MS student starting full-time graduate study in the ECE Department in Fall 2024. If you start in Spring 2025, you will receive the scholarship in Fall 2025.
flyer about the BS/MS program

Eligibility and Application Process

Compared to applying to graduate school outside of Rutgers, the application process and transition to the graduate program within Rutgers ECE is greatly simplified for bachelor’s student currently enrolled in the department: applicants do not need to pay application fees, write an application essay and may not need to obtain recommendation letters. There are four parts to the BS/MS graduate application process.  

  • Credits and coursework: The student must complete the 123 credits required for the BS degree. The MS degree requires 30 credits. If one plans things carefully, one can finish the MS degree within one additional year.
    • The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) allows the use of up to a maximum of 12 undergraduate credits (some at the 300 level, most at the 400 level) towards completion of the BS/MS program.
    • Credits counted towards the undergraduate degree (including for the residency requirement) cannot be counted towards the graduate degree.
  • Basic Application: All applicants should complete the first 3 sections of the Graduate School application (, and save it as one PDF. The PDF file should be named as “firstname_lastname - BSMS Application”.

Application Form

  • Send Application, Transcripts, and Specialization Area: Applicants should send a copy of their transcript, along with the PDF of their application and at least one specialization area of graduate study, as outlined below and in the Graduate Student Handbook, to the ECE Graduate Program Coordinator at (Note: The area of specialization can always be changed and is not binding.)
    • Specialization Areas
      • Communications Engineering 
      • Computer Engineering 
      • Digital Signal Processing 
      • Software Engineering 
      • Solid State Electronics 
      • Systems and Controls 
      • Machine Learning
  • Letters of Recommendation:
    • Students with a GPA > 3.7 can qualify for Teaching Assistant (TA) / Graduate Assistant (GA) / Fellowship support by securing two (2) recommendation letters. Letter writers should directly send these recommendations to the ECE Graduate Program at
    • Those with a GPA between 3.2 and 3.7 do not require recommendation letters but won’t be eligible for TA/GA support.
    • Students boasting a GPA between 3.0 and 3.2 must obtain one (1) strong recommendation from a Rutgers faculty member. This recommendation should be sent directly to the ECE Graduate Program Coordinator at
    • Candidates with a GPA between 2.8 and 3.0 need two (2) robust recommendations from Rutgers faculty, again directed to the ECE Graduate Program Coordinator at
    • A GPA below 2.8 significantly diminishes the likelihood of MS program admission.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Middle of November of your senior year: start of the application process.
  • End of December: initial decisions are made.
  • January-August: continuous review based on grades earned.

Once you are admitted to the Graduate Program we will promote you to graduate student status. We start reviewing our students in the middle of November and keep reviewing until August 31st, since until that time we have access to undergraduate records. For our planning purpose, we recommend that you apply before May 1st.

Reference the Graduate Student Handbook or email for additional information.

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