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WINLAB Chief Technologist Ivan Seskar in One of the Five Teams Selected by NSF $25 million Investment to Secure 5G Technologies

Ivan Seskar standing in a engineering laboratory

WINLAB Chief Technologist Ivan Seskar is part of a team that received an NSF award for Securing 5G Networks. The U.S. National Science Foundation Directorate for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships (TIP) is tackling 5G communication infrastructure and operational challenges through a $25 million investment to advance five convergent teams from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of NSF Convergence Accelerator Track G: Securely Operating Through 5G Infrastructure.  The goal of the Convergence Accelerator Track G is to enable enhancements to end devices — such as smartphones and tablets — and augmentations to 5G wireless infrastructure, providing capabilities to military, government and critical infrastructure operators to operate through public 5G networks while meeting security and resilience requirements. Please see a press release from the NSF here.

Rutgers PI Seskar is part of one of the 5 projects selected for funding, "INDIGO: Intelligent 5G Networks Designed and Integrated for Globalized Operations" that is led by AT&T. This project aims to enhance the security, adaptability, and resilience of 5G networks for the Department of Defense (DoD) and public safety entities during crises. It employs Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence to enhance human decision-making to configure and manage complex 5G networks and optimize coverage and performance across multiple operator radio access networks. More details of the project can be found at the NSF Awards page here.

Congratulations Ivan and WINLAB!