ECE alumni Pete Pupalaikis has been elected to NAE

ECE alumni Pete Pupalaikis has been elected to NAE! We are very excited about the news. Pete is our distinguished alumni and currently serving on the ECE Industry Advisory Board. We are so proud of him! Pete is a great role model for all the engineering students. The following is the summary of Pete's achievements:
My main achievements were in pioneering digital signal processing techniques for the correction of hardware impairments in high-speed digital oscilloscopes, such as magnitude response, phase response, time-interleaving, as well as bandwidth extension.  This culminated in my main set of inventions that combine a microwave front-end and a DSP back-end to double and/or triple the state-of-the-art bandwidth possible in oscilloscopes, which led to LeCroy making the highest bandwidth real-time oscilloscopes for over a decade.  This technique was used to produce a 100 GHz bandwidth, 240 GS/s scope in 2015.  I also pioneered the design and development of time-domain reflectometry (TDR) based network analyzers.
The one sentence summary would be that I pioneered DSP and microwave techniques as applied to high-bandwidth real-time digital oscilloscopes.
Congratulations to Pete!