Dov Kruger

Associate Teaching Professor


Office:EE 220
Dov Kruger got his BE in Electrical Engineering, an MS in computer science and a PhD in Ocean Engineering, all from Stevens Institute of Technology, not continuously.   He returned to become a professor in the ECE department at Stevens for 10 years before coming to Rutgers as a teaching associate professor.
Dov is interested in high performance computing, re-engineering software to increase performance, and is working on a more efficient programming model for distributed and web programming, computer architecture features to enable more efficient programming, algorithms, 3d printing and computing education.
Dov Kruger's research interests focus on high performance, high-security networking, re-engineering the web to be much faster by transmitting data in binary, explicit control of local data storage, and innovative data compression. Secondary interests include computer architecture to speed code, 3d manufacture technologies, and educational engineering research.
Dov is looking for collaborators interested in FPGA, network programming, and 3d printing.


Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical Engineering

Master of Science - Computer Science

PhD - Ocean Engineering