Ashwin Sampath

Ashwin Sampath is currently Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated, NJ. At Qualcomm, he founded the 5G millimeter wave research project within the R&D division and led the project from inception through the prototype phase, while also overseeing channel measurements/modeling and system design. He led Qualcomm’s over-the-air performance optimization of millimeter wave systems as well as millimeter wave modem architecture.

Prior to Qualcomm, from 2003-2005, he was with Texas Instruments, and before that, was Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies from 1997-2003 working on WCDMA systems. His work experience also includes an executive leadership stint at the innovative millimeter wave startup Mixcomm in 2018-19. Ashwin has over 20 years of industry experience in wireless technology research, standardization and product development. He has over 100 issued patents on a range of topics in wireless communications. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.