ECE Students Compete in Vex Robotics World Championship

Electrical Engineering

From left to right: Nitish Thatte (MAE), Grant Imahara of Mythbusters TV show, Michael Koval (ECE) and Alex Weiner (ECE)

The Vex Robotics College Challenge World Championship is a gathering of top college robotics teams from around the world to celebrate their accomplishments and host a robotics competition. This year's Championship was held in Dallas, Texas from April 22 through April 24 in 2010.

ECE students Michael Koval and Alex Weiner with MAE student Nitish Thatte travelled to Dallas and competed with 29 other college teams for the title of world champion. After three days of competition, Rutgers had 7 wins and 2 losses placing the team 10th out of 29 overall, and tied for third place if considering only win/loss records.

The Rutgers Team was also awarded the College Challenge Innovate Award for developing the HAX (Hardware Abstraction for Vex) abstraction layer and programming all of the competition software on MacOS and Linux computers.

Congratulations to Michael Koval, Alex Weiner, Nitish Thatte and the entire IEEE Robotics Club !