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Wei Jiang

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Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 2005

M.A. in Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 2000

B.S. in Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, 1996


Researhch Interests (research webpage)

* Silicon nanophotonics: modulators, switches, light emission

* Photonic crystals: devices & physics (e.g. slow light, superprism)

* Silicon photonic microsystems: optical phased arrays, spatial light modulators, photonics integration, on-chip optical interconnects, optical information processing microsystems.

* Plasmonics and metamaterials; disordered and quasi-periodic media

* Other interests: fiber optics; optical sensing, polymer photonics; laser beam steering; gratings.



Selected Publications

1. Weiwei Song,  Robert Gatdula, Siamak Abbaslou, Ming Lu,   Aaron Stein, Warren Y-C Lai, J. Provine, R. Fabian W. Pease, Demetrios N. Christodoulides & Wei Jiang, High-density waveguide superlattices with low crosstalk, Nature Communications 6, 7027 (2015).

2. Jun Tan, Richard A. Soref, and Wei Jiang, "Interband scattering in a slow light photonic crystal waveguide under electro-optic tuning," Opt. Express, vol. 21, 6756–6763 (2013).

3. Weiwei Song, Manjit Chahal, George K. Celler, Yogesh Jaluria, Graham T. Reed, and Wei Jiang, "The influence of substrate on SOI photonic crystal thermo-optic devices," Opt. Express, vol. 21, 4235-4243 (2013).

4. J. Tan, M. Lu, A. Stein, and W. Jiang, "High purity transmission of a slow-light odd mode in a photonic crystal waveguide," Opt. Lett. vol. 37, 3189 (2012).

5. R. A. Integlia, L. Yin, D. Ding, D. Z. Pan, D. M. Gill, and W. Jiang, "Parallel-Coupled Dual Racetrack Silicon Micro-Resonators for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation," Opt. Express, vol. 19, 14892 (2011).

6. W. Song, R. A. Integlia, and W. Jiang, "Slow light loss due to roughness in photonic crystal waveguides: An analytic approach", Physical Review B vol. 82, 235306 (2010).

7. L. Gu, W. Jiang, X. Chen, L. Wang, and R. T. Chen, "High-speed silicon photonic crystal waveguide modulator for low-voltage operation," Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 90, 071105 (2007).

8. W. Jiang, R. T. Chen, and X. Lu, "Theory of light refraction at the surface of a photonic crystal," Physical Review B 71, 245115 (2005).

Full publication list (with pdf)



Sprg 2013, 332:382 Electromagnetic Fields (Syllabus)

Fall 2012, 332:466 / 332:591 Optoelectronic Devices

Syllabus (466, 591), Course Notes: Sec. 1, (more at

Sprg 2012, 332:382 Electromagnetic Fields (Syllabus)

Fall 2011, 332:466 / 332:591 Optoelectronic Devices, (syllabus 466, 591)

Sprg 2011, 332:468:04 Capstone Design in Optoelectronics (Syllabus)

Sprg 2011, 332:382 Electromagnetic Fields (Syllabus)

Fall 2010: 332:466 / 332:591 Optoelectronic Devices

Sprg 2010, 332:468:04 Capstone Design in Optoelectronics

Sprg 2010, 332:382 Electromagnetic Fields (Syllabus)

Fall 2009: 332:466 / 332:591 Optoelectronic Devices, Syllabus (466),

Sprg 2009, 332:382 Electromagnetic Fields (Syllabus)

Fall 2008, 332:591 Optoelectronics I (Syllabus)

Sprg 2008: 332:592 Optoelectronics II: Contemporary topics in photonics (Syllabus)

Fall 2007: 332:591 Optoelectronics I (Syllabus)


Research Group Members

Visiting Scholar: Prof. Yating Zhou

Ph.D. student: Siamak Abbaslou, Robert Gatdula



Prof. H.-F. Zhang (Former visiting scholar, Shanghai University)

Gradeigh Clark (former undergraduate Aresty RA, Rutgers WINLAB)

Jun Tan (PhD 2013, Intel)

Weiwei Song (PhD 2013, PhotonicIC)

Kevin Zhu (Master 2012, Abbott Laboratories)

Craig Gutterman (former undergraduate Aresty Research Assistant, Columbia Univ.)

Dr. Lianghong Yin (former postdoctoral associate, Global Foundries)

Ryan Integlia (PhD 2011, Internet Infrastructure Services Corp.)

Henry Chao (former undergraduate Aresty Summer Science Fellow, JP Morgan)

Prof. Ying Qian (former visiting scholar, Jilin University, China)

Dr. Biz Hui (former postdoc; assistant prof., Pusan National Univ., Korea)

Ron Lidor (former undergraduate researcher; Columbia Univ.)

Victor Martinez (former undergraduate researcher, United Technologies)

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Open Positions

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Honors and Awards

* IEEE Region 1 Outstanding Teaching Award, 2013

* DARPA Young Faculty Award, 2012

* Rutgers ECE Outstanding Young Researcher Award, 2011

* Ben Streetman Prize, University of Texas at Austin, 2005



Affiliated Research Centers

Center for Silicon Nanomembranes

Institute for Advanced Materials, Devices, and Nanotechnology

Laboratory for Surface Modification


Nano-Fabrication Facilities

Rutgers Micro-Electronics Research Laboratory (MERL)

Brookhaven National Lab--Center for Functional Nanomaterials

Princeton PRISM/MNFL


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