Ground Terrain in Outdoor Scenes

Jia Xue1, Hang Zhang1, Kristin Dana1, Ko Nishino2

1Rutgers University, 2Drexel University

GTOS (Ground Terrain in Outdoor Scenes), a first-of-its-kind in-scene material reflectance database, consists of over 30,000 images covering 40 classes of outdoor ground terrain under varying weather and lighting conditions. The 40 surface classes mostly have between 4 and 14 instances (samples of intra-class variability) and each instance is imaged under 19 viewing directions.


A playlist to show all the classes from GTOS dataset, click playlist to explore.


Robot Navigation & Automatic Driving

Determining control parameters based on current ground terrain or determining road conditions by partial real time reflectance measurements

Photometric Stereo

Estimating the surface normals of materials by observing materials under different lighting conditions

Shape Reconstruction

Capturing the shape and appearance of materials


This work was supported by National Science Foundation award IIS-1421134. A GPU used for this research was donated by the NVIDIA Corporation. Thanks to Di Zhu, Hansi Liu, Lingyi Xu, and Yueyang Chen for help with data collection.