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The following students have completed or currentcly working on Doctoral Dissertations or
Master Theses under direction of Professor Zoran Gajic:

  1. Doctoral Dissertations Supervised by Professor Gajic:

    1. Shen, Xue-Min, Ph.D., Jan. 1990, PROFESSOR at the University of Waterloo, Canada
    2. Qureshi, Muhammad, Ph.D., May 1992, Associate Lecturer, University of Western Sydney, presently at Hewlett Packard, Australia
    3. Aganovic, Zijad, Ph.D., May 1993, COE and Founder of Cylex Systems, Boca Raton, Florida.
    4. Skataric, Dobrila, D.Sci., University of Novi Sad, Sept. 1993, PROFESSOR at University of Belgrade, Serbia
    5. Lim, Myotaeg, Ph.D., May 1994, PROFESSOR at Korea University, Korea
    6. Borno, Abraham, Ph.D., May 1995, Principal Member of Technical Staff AT&T, Middletown, New Jersey.
    7. Qian, Lijun, Ph.D., May 2001, PROFESSOR. Prairie View A&M University, Texas.
    8. Koskie, Sarah, Ph. D., January, 2003, Associate PROFESSOR, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.
    9. Sudarshan Rao, Ph. D., Oct. 2006, Vice President R&D 6th Energy Technology, Banglore, India
    10. Li, Xiangfang, Ph. D., Oct. 2007, Assistant PROFESSOR, Prairie View A&M University, Texas.
    11. Nguyen Thang, Ph. D., May 2010, Postdoctoral, Clevelend State University.
    12. Coumarbatch Cyril, Ph. D., near completion, four journal papers.
    13. Park Gun-Hyung, Ph. D. January, 2014, three journal papers. Research Engineer, Hyundai, Seoul, Korea.
    14. John McGarvey, Ph. D. May 2016. Teaching assistant Professor Rutgers University.
    15. Sumati Sehajpal, postqualified doctoral student.
    16. Kliti Kodra, postqualified doctoral student, one journal paper.
    17. Heonjong Yoo, postqualified doctoral student.
    18. Ahmed Abdel Hadi, postqualified doctoral student.
    19. Intesar Al-Iedani, postqualified doctoral student.

  2. Master Theses Supervised by Professor Gajic:

    1. Rayavarupu Neela, M.S., May 1987.
    2. Grodt Thomas, M.S., Jan. 1988.
    3. Harkara Nitin, M.S., May 1988.
    4. Su Wu-Chung, M.S., Jan. 1990, Ph. D. in 1994 from Ohio State University, PROFESSOR at National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan.
    5. Zhuang Jiachen, M.S., Jan. 1990.
    6. Hogan Suzanne, M.S., May 1991.
    7. Huey Michael, M.S., May 1992.
    8. Rutkowski John, M.S., May 1995.
    9. Hsieh Tong-Ho, M.S., May 1996.
    10. Trifunovic, Borislav, M.S., May 1996.
    11. Chai Yuming, M.S., May 1997.
    12. Losada Ricardo, M.S., Oct. 1997.
    13. Zojceska Aleksandra, Fulbright Scholar, M.S., May 2003.
    14. Li Xiangfang, M.S., Oct. 2003.
    15. Velgorsky Oleg, Jan. 2004.
    16. Al-Takrouri Saleh, M. S., Oct. 2004; Ph. D. in 2008 from University of New South Wales; Assistant Professor at Palestine Polytechnic University.
    17. Park Gun-Hyung, M. S., May 2010.
    18. Gopala Prashanth, M. S., May 2010.
    19. Kilti Kodra, M. S., October 2012.
    20. Elias Selwan, M. S., October 2012.
    21. Heonjong Yoo, M.S., May 2014.
    22. Raunak Kumar, M.S., May 2014.
    23. Saif Almansouri, M.S. Oct. 2016.
    24. Sudarshan Kolar, M. S. Oct. 2016.
    25. Gaytri POwer, M. S. Oct. 2016.

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Last updated: September 19, 2016