Anand D. Sarwate
A. Walter Tyson Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Associate Member, Dept. of Statistics
Associate Member, Dept. of Computer Science
Associate Member, WINLAB
Affiliate Member, DIMACS

CoRE Building Rm. 517
Phone: +1-848-445-8516

Office Hours (Fall 2017):
Monday 10-11 (CoRE 503)
Wednesday 11-12 (CoRE 503)
Lab Members
My "lab" is a room full of desks. At the moment I am resisting giving it a fancy name.
Graduate Students:
Undergraduate Student:
Prospective Students
For prospective graduate students: Rutgers is an exciting place to learn and grow as an engineer. If you are specifically interested in my research, please look at my publications and projects. If you are applying to the department and want to pursue a Ph.D., apply to the Ph.D. program and mention your research interests in your statement. If you have specific questions about my research, feel free to contact me and mention that you have read this particular webpage. Unfortunately, I generally do not have the time to respond to general inquiries from potential students. I will not respond to emails that only contain a CV and a request for admission to my research group.
For undergraduate students: If you're interested in an undergraduate research opportunity, please feel free to email me. Doing an independent research study is a great way to learn about research and expand your horizons beyond the classroom.
Previous Students and Visitors
MS Students
Visiting Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
  • Kevin Sun (undergraduate, Rutgers)
    Fall 2015 - Spring 2017 Aresty Program Student,
    currently a graduate student at Duke
  • Harshat Kumar (undergraduate, Rutgers)
    Fall 2017
    currently a graduate student at UPenn
  • Dean Coco (undergraduate, Cal Poly Pomona)
    Summer 2016 RiSE REU
    Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona
  • Gautam Ramasubramaniam (undergraduate, CCNY)
    Summer 2016 DIMACS REU,
    currently a graduate student at NYU
  • Vanessa Putnam (undergraduate, UCSC)
    Summer 2015 RiSE REU,
    currently a graduate student at UBC.
  • Zexi Song (undergraduate, Bard College)
    Summer 2015 DIMACS REU,
    currently a Graduate student, Rutgers Statistics
  • Joseph Azzolini (Undergraduate, TCNJ)
    Summer 2014 RiSE REU,
    currently a Graduate student, Arizona State University ECEE