Travel Expense Reimbursement

An approved Expense Report with appropriate receipts must be submitted within 60 days of the traveler’s return to their work site.

"Expense Management Course" web-based training is now available on Cornerstone and Canvas website. Please use your NetID and password to login to the Rutgers University Canvas website to access materials for this course. Instructions on how to log in to Canvas are available through the Rutgers Online Help Desk.

Anyone traveling internationally on University-associated matters must register on the Rutgers International Travel Registration Site and submit ECE Travel Form to the Department Chair.

1. To access travel expense management, you have to login on myRutgers portal (scroll down to find Finance). Click on "Expense Management". Be sure to update "Manage Your Bank Account" before your first time of creating a travel expense report.

For every expense items update your Account string, Project, Task and Expenditure Organization.

*Students on a payroll should contact their advisers for Account string, Project, Task and Expenditure Organization

*Students not on payroll must complete TABER Form.doc attaching all required receipts and email or bring to Pamela Heinold room EE120 ( or Chris Reid room 130 (

More information is on

2.Per diem worksheet.xls

3. Travel Expense Reimbursement Checklist.pdf - Travel and Business Meal Expense Policies.pdf

5. ECE Travel Form.doc

6. International Travel Registration

7. International Travel Guidelines

8. EX010_Enter and Submit Expense Reports

9. EXP_ How to Create Expense Reports

10. Help Desk FAQs.pdf

11. Expense Management Help Desk