Tamagotchi Capstone Project


Jonathan Chiu
Vamshi Chilukamari
Yancy Hu

Prof. Manish Parashar


Tamagotchi was a popular handheld game device that was released in the 90 ’s. The objective of the game was to take care of a virtual pet from birth until death. The player would need to feed the pet, play games with it, and clean up its poop in order to keep it from dying. Our project aims to capture all of these important elements of the original Tamagotchi game in an application for Android and also add new features to the game that take advantage of the Android device’s capabilities. In addition to the basic gameplay of the original, we have also added GPS-controlled weather in the game, voice commands, an item store, and multiplayer battles over WiFi. People of all ages can enjoy our game.

Project Website:     http://tamacapstone.blogspot.com/