Solid State Lighting with Blue Laser Diodes


Robert Gatdula
Jarred Murray
Avery Heizler
Meet Shah

Prof. Jiang


LED bulbs have already gone to the mass-market and have proven to be more efficient and affordable compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. However, next-generation lighting may truly dominate from a different type of solid-state device -- the laser diode. Laser-based lighting has the potential to be more efficient given the right safety measures and proper circuitry. Moreover, if taken care of properly, these diodes will have a comparably long lifetime.

In this project, we demonstrate converting light from a blue light diode into white light emsision. A fluorescent coating is applied onto a blue light emitting diode. The blue light is absorbed by the coating and re-emitted as white light. The white light is analyzed by a digital camera. The color data are extracted from a digital image and converted to the CIE coordinates, which are the standard measure of light color. The CIE coordinates are very close to the ideal 1/3, 1/3 coordinate point for the white light. The color temperature is also measured using the CIE coordinate diagram.

These results show high potential for solid state lighting technology based on blue laser diodes.