Smart Room


Juan Bazurto
Richard Pellosie
Mike Puntolillo

Prof. Manish Parashar


It is the goal of this project to create a smart room system which can control various components of a household room automatically, Android powered mobile device, or IR remote. Components such as lights and fans could be automatically opened or closed when the system detects that someone is occupying the room. To save energy, lights could be shut automatically when a person leaves the room.

Team Members

Juan Bazurto will be tasked with developing the Android application including the GUI and the majority of the back end. Having experience with Android development and a keen eye for effective GUI design, Juan is the ideal member of our team for this job.

Richard Pellosie is in charge of network programming and communication between systems, and as a result, the overall system architecture. Communications are necessary between the Arduino and the server, as well as the Android app and the server. Since this task is spread across many devices, Richard is a good candidate to also oversee the whole system architecture.

Mike Puntolillo is responsible for micro-controller programming in addition to circuit architecture. The software written by Juan and Rich will drive the hardware, but cannot do so without a good bridge between software and hardware. Since Mike has used the Arduino platform in previous research, his experience will be very useful in the micro-controller programming and circuit design.

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