Rutgers Android Application


Uchendu Awa
Akhilesh Maddali
Keith Winters

Prof. Manish Parashar


Mobile technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. The
adoption rate of these devices has been very rapid – from phone devices to smart devices. These smart phones are now becoming the device of choice for personal as well as professional use. This explosive growth has encouraged several software houses to develop applications for these devices – for personal use as well as extensions to enterprise applications. The objective of our project is to create a Rutgers University information hub application for android devices. This application provides all the necessary information about various campuses of the University.


RULost is an application for Rutgers University on iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. A similar application does not exist for Android, which is gaining great popularity as a mobile operating system. In the Android Play Store, several Rutgers Applications exist, but none provides comprehensive information about Rutgers University in a single application.


The main design principle has been to leverage information already existing in various applications/servers (not create again), but focus on elegant user interface to the users so that information access is easy and fast. The information has been divided into six sections: Next bus – provide campus bus times; Dining - provide on and off campus dining menus; Locale – information about the surround ing areas of the campus (New Brunswick information); Links – provide important web links to var ious Rutgers University website; Contacts – provide important campus phone numbers; and Social Hub – a social hub for users to interact with each other.

The application has been developed in Java and uses Andro id SDK from Google.


The main objective of this information hub application is to give students with android phones the ability to find all the necessary campus information. The Information provided in this application has been made easily accessible with the help of various powerful built-in features in the Android SDK, such as built -in web browser, auto dialing, and creation of navigation options. This application was made for Rutgers students by Rutgers students.

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