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Dr. P. B.Ram Reddy came to the Rutgers department of Electrical Engineering in 1969, and graduated in 1973 with his PhD. He did his research in the field of Optimal Control Systems under Professor Sannuti, who is currently the department’s undergraduate director. After leaving Rutgers, Dr. Reddy began work at a company in Boston area called Dynamics Research Corporation, which inspired a lifetime of work in defense contracting companies.

At Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC), Dr. Reddy worked on laser gyroscopic and navigation systems for the United States Department of Defense, focusing specifically on projects for the US Navy. Working on various new technologies at DRC, Dr. Reddy began to gain recognition in his field and was then hired by another defense contractor, Litton Industries’ Guidance and Controls Division, in 1978. There he worked on topics such as electronic intelligence and warfare and was again recognized for his hard work and dedication. In 1984, Dr. Reddy was awarded special access security clearances by the government, so that he could work on high-security government contracts.

In 1985, Dr. Reddy used the connections he had forged during his years of experience working in the defense industry to start his own defense contracting company, called Apex Technology Inc. He ran his company for almost 20 years, managing up to 200 people, and working on things including Y2K compliance for several United States military systems. In 2004, Apex Technology Inc. partnered with Raytheon to work on a multimillion dollar contract with the Indian Army; after the completion of that contract, Dr. Reddy was able to retire comfortably.

Dr. Reddy remained in retirement until 2007, when he became an angel investor for CommuniClique, a company which provides more efficient communication tools for business professionals. With Dr. Reddy’s involvement, the company grew from making several hundred thousand dollars a year, to making more than twenty five million dollars a year. The company also expanded it’s customer base from approximately 200 customers, to more than thirty thousand paying customers, and more than a million free users. Dr. Reddy is the Chairman of the Board and the largest individual share holder in the company.

CommuniClique’s conference bridging technology orchestrates calls by using the software applications to call the participants of the call at the designated time, eliminating the need to wait for members of a call to connect individually, and making conference calls easier and more efficient. CommuniClique intends to keep expanding its customer base, and is partnering with companies such as FedEx, College Board, Google and Groupon to develop new applications for the technology. Recent users include some senators and congressmen who used the software to reach out to their constituents.

Dr. Reddy says that although the field of research he studied at Rutgers was ultimately not relevant to the work that he pursued after graduating, his Rutgers experience was invaluable; the lessons learned from pursuing academic research proved applicable later on in his career.

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