Otomusha Gaiden


Allan Mistura
Rohith Dronadula

Prof. Manish Parashar

Otomusha Gaiden is a unique game based on the aesthetics of a game called Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. Legend of Zelda is a 2-D action-adventure game created by Nintendo and released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992. The game utilizes an overhead perspective view during gameplay, and contained many dungeons, weapons, enemies and alternate worlds (called the Light World and Dark World). Otomusha gaiden utilizes these aspects of the game and introduces a new game mechanic which is rhythm. Rhythm in this case is the usage of music tempo (in the background musics) to control the difficulty of the level and enemies. This mechanic is achieved with the utilization of the alternate worlds present in the game; a faster tempo would switch to the Dark World, whereas a slower temp would correspond to the Light World. There is a new introduction of how weapons are acquired in Otomusha, since Legend of Zelda has a linear methodology to its gameplay which consists of acquiring weapons in a given order it doesn’t allow the user to get his/her hands on a weapon of greater power before a set number of dungeons. The weapons in Otomusha are considered as drops, using an RNG system a high level miniboss or boss is capable of dropping a higher level weapon when killed. This system is controlled by music as well; the dark world has a better drop rate than the light world.

The final result of this combination is a new type of game with varying levels of difficulty that changes on the music being played. The game aims for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable experience of a classic game modified to be more exciting and deeper.