WINLAB has been asked by the NSF to host a remote CloudLab cluster, as part of a supplementary grant to the University of Utah aimed at enhancing CloudLab capabilities to support wireless/mobile experiments. Ivan Seskar and his team will receive funding of about $360K to acquire a CloudLab computing cluster and integrate it with CloudLab services as well as the ORBIT and GENI testbeds. The CloudLab project is led by Prof. Rob Ricci at Utah, and more information can be found at: 

This project is synergistic with an ongoing NSF CRI grant at WINLAB aimed at adding “cloud radio access network (CRAN)” capabilities to ORBIT, and will enable researchers to conduct reproducible experiments on the emerging topic of mobile edge cloud where the computation is distributed at the edge of the network instead of being centralized at a traditional data center.

Congratulations to Ivan and his team!