ECE Researchers win $750K Prize in DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

An ECE team led by WINLAB Associate Director Ivan Seskar along with graduate students Ratnesh Kumbhkar and Dragoslav Stojadinovic has won the $750K 5th place prize at the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2). The SC2 is the first-of-its-kind collaborative machine-learning competition to overcome scarcity in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The team from Rutgers in partnership with IMEC of Belgium (an R&D and innovation hub in digital technologies) developed a collaboration scheme called SCATTER that promotes collaboration to overcome spectrum scarcity.  Ratnesh Kumbhkar is a PhD student working under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Narayan Mandayam and Ivan Seskar. Dragoslav Stojadinovic is a PhD student working under the supervision of Professor Wade Trappe and Ivan Seskar.

Congratulations to Ivan, Ratnesh and Dragoslav on this high profile recognition!