Prof. Janne Lindqvist's work featured on "Engineering for Change" website

Prof. Janne Lindqvist's work on the Hazard Tracker app appeared in   Engineering for Change website.

Yulong Yang, a PhD candidate in Prof. Lindqvist's group presented a paper on this work in the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference two weeks ago. The team also included Michael Sherman, and of course the volunteers from Warren Township.

The app for reporting hazards was used by eight volunteers in Warren Township, New Jersey, who reported 349 potential electrical hazards to the local government in a period of just eight days. Armed with the intel, the local utility company took action on 95 percent of the reports before the start of the 2014 hurricane season. The work was made possible through a smartphone application.

Prof. Lindqvist and his research team developed the “Hazard Tracker Application” to crowdsource hazard documentation. They found that using their app had three benefits: it was low cost, required little training and setup, and the data collected was highly portable and accessible to people who needed to work with it.