Star Trek-inspired personalized medicine is on the horizon

Rutgers ECE professor Umer Hassan researches personalized medicine.   An opinion article Dr. Hassan wrote for the Star Ledger was published online at   Umer Hassan, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Rutgers University School of Engineering, holds a joint appointment at Rutgers Global Health Institute.

Real-world innovations – from submarines to self-driving cars – come straight from imaginary worlds of science fiction. Think Star Trek’s handheld tricorder, a medical diagnostic device that made its first appearance in the original TV series.  

This sci-fi precursor is now changing the face of personalized medicine by taking the tricorder concept to the next level. Today, diabetics can anticipate a biosensor able to monitor their glucose levels through perspiration. A biosensor implant could detect genetic mutations as they happen, while British researchers are developing a wearable biosensor that will collect data and assess the efficacy of rehabilitation equipment and exercise.

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