WINLAB team to assist DARPA in administering the DARPA Spectrum Challenge

A team of ECE researchers at WINLAB, including Wade Trappe, Ivan Seskar, Chris Rose and Dipankar Raychaudhuri, are assisting DARPA in administering the DARPA Spectrum Challenge ( The purpose of the DARPA Spectrum Challenge is to encourage teams to design radio protocols that can best use a given communication channel in the presence of other dynamic users and interfering signals. The radio protocols, which will be implemented in a software radio platform, must be designed to guarantee successful communication while in the presence of other radios that may have conflicting co-existence objectives. The Spectrum Challenge will entail head-to-head competitions between a team's radio protocol and an opponent's in a structured testbed environment. WINLAB will prepare the ORBIT wireless testbed for hosting contests where the qualifying teams compete to demonstrate which protocols can best communicate competitively against each other or cooperatively with each other.