Vishal Patel's mobile face detection in the news

Prof. Vishal Patel's recent work on mobile face detection and recognition is making the news! His research work was featured on ZDNet, the business technology news website owned by CBS Interactive. The URL to the ZDNet article is:

Dr. Patel's group, working with researchers at University of Maryland and Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), developed a method to use the cellphone's front camera to continuously authenticate users when they are logged into bank or email accounts.

Dr. Patel's group developed a part-based technique for real time detection of users' faces on mobile devices. The proposed method is specifically designed for detecting partially cropped and occluded faces captured using a smartphone's front-facing camera for continuous authentication. The key idea is to detect facial segments in the frame and cluster the results to obtain the region which is most likely to contain a face.