Two ECE students receive the Ashok and Yohavall Sethu Electrical and Computer Engineering Annual Scholarship

The Ashok and Yohavall Sethu Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarship has been awarded to Jakub Vogel and Yati Patel.

Jakub Vogel is a third-year undergraduate studying Electrical and Computer engineering, with a concentration in computer engineering, and a minor in business administration. He is also a member of the Honors College on the College Avenue campus. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball on the Rutger's Men's Club Volleyball team and also serves as the treasurer. When he graduates, he plans on pursuing a master's degree at Rutgers, with a focus on software engineering. Jakub was an intern at General Motors this past summer as a controls engineer and will be returning this summer to work on database integration. He aspires to combine his engineering and business knowledge to create intuitive software that has the potential to benefit millions of people.


Yati Patel is a junior studying computer engineering and computer science. She is currently a research assistant working under a mechanical and aerospace engineering lab at Princeton University. Her work focuses on predicting time-series data of complex physical systems. Outside of class, she likes to get involved with Rutgers communities such as Rutgers Formula Racing and Society of Women Engineers.

Congratulations to Jakub and Yati !