Team from Rutgers School of Engineering receives DOE SBIR Grant

Associate Professor Shantenu Jha is co-PI on a new SBIR grant from the Department of Energy "Fast fingerprinting and detection of materials using portable/hand-held devices and high performance computing for use in manufacturing and supply chain applications." This is a 1 year $270K project in collaboration with Chemical and Biochemical Engineering faculty members Marianthi Ierapetritou (PI) and Rohit Ramachandran and Optimal Solutions Inc. 

The proposed work synthesizes and leverages technology developments in infrared spectral sensing, mobile computing, cloud computing, and machine learning to point the way to the development of real-time, in the field, contactless materials analysis for important characteristics including, but not limited to, chemical composition, mixture ratio, and bulk powder density. Shantenu and the RADICAL team will enable high-performance and streaming implementation of ML algorithms.
Congratulations Shantenu, Marianthi and Rohit!