Saman Zonouz receives DOE Grant for Secure Energy Management

ECE Associate Professor Saman Zonouz is the recipient of  a new Department of Energy (DOE) award for the project titled "Deep Cyber-Physical Situational Awareness for Energy Systems:  A Secure Foundation for Next-Generation Energy Management." This is a three-year $2.7M collaborative project between Rutgers, Texas A&M University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Pacific Northwest National Labs and Sandia National Labs. Rutgers' share of this award is $500,000. 

Saman and the team will enhance the reliability and resilience of our nation’s critical energy infrastructure by designing and building a secure end-to-end system for managing the energy system, communications, security, and modeling and analytics. Their design of the next generation energy management system will take a data-fusion approach that reenvisions the requirements of the system modeling together with all of the real-time cyber and physical sources that are critical to the management and trustworthiness of the data pipeline. The research conducted will answer the following questions: (i): “Can we redesign a next-generation energy management system to be intrinsically cyber-physical and secure, such that the system can detect malicious and abnormal events through the fusion of cyber and physical data?” (ii) “How can this new system facilitate online and automated control actions that couple cyber and physical control spaces?” (iii) “How will this new world differ from how energy management systems in the energy sector are designed, deployed, and operated today?” 

Congratulations, Saman!