Salim El Rouayheb and Yingying Chen receive NSF Grant

Professors Salim El Rouayheb and Yingying Chen have won a new NSF award for the project titled "Secure Distributed Coded Computations for IoT : An Information Theoretic and Network Approach." This is a three year $1.2M collaborative effort led by Rutgers University (Salim El Rouayheb, PI and Yingying Chen, Co-PI) with University of Illinois at Chicago. Rutgers' share of this award is $800,000.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a new Internet paradigm connecting an exponentially increasing number of smart IoT devices and sensors. IoT applications include smart cities, transportation systems, mobile healthcare and smart grid, to name a few. Unlocking the full power of IoT requires analyzing and processing large amounts of data collected by the IoT devices through computationally intensive algorithms that are typically run in the cloud. This leaves the IoT network, and the applications it is supporting, at the complete mercy of an adversary (enemy nations, hackers, etc.), or a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.), that can jeopardize the IoT, or completely disconnect it from its "brain" (the cloud), with potentially catastrophic consequences. As part of this project Salim and Yingying and their teams will explore secure coded computations aimed at addressing the security challenges of IoT dependence on the cloud for computations by allowing data to be processed locally by IoT-devices that collaborate together to compute. The project will also validate the feasibility of the proposed secure codes and algorithms by building a mobile healthcare monitoring framework using IoT devices.

You can find more details on the project at the NSF page here

Congratulations Salim and Yingying on this exciting collaborative effort!