Sad news about Professor Emeritus Sophocles Orfanidis

With deep sadness we report that Professor Emeritus Sophocles Orfanidis suddenly passed away on March 2nd.  Prof. Orfanidis retired just last year from the ECE Department.  Dr. Orfanidis, who lived in Highland Park, was a physicist and signal processing engineer. He spent 45 years teaching at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University.   He is survived by his wife, son, grandson, daughter-in-law, and several nieces and nephews.

Prof. Orfanidis had a passion for teaching and education.  He made his five books and numerous course notes available free from his webpage

An  article in the ECE newsletter  reflected the admiration and respect faculty had for Prof. Orfanidis.  He will be sadly missed by his family, his many friends, colleagues, and former students.

From Distinguished Professor Athina Petropulu:

I am very saddened by this news.

Sophocles made significant contributions to the signal processing and communication systems. His books on signal processing, and electromagnetic waves and antennas are widely regarded as masterpieces, having educated numerous students worldwide. During his tenure at Rutgers, he served as a model teacher and an inspiration for new faculty members, setting a high standard for excellence in educational delivery.

The ECE Newsletter column dedicated to him was a heartfelt acknowledgment of his dedication and the indelible mark he left on our students and faculty. It was very timely too.

May his memory be eternal.




From Distinguished Professor Narayan Mandayam:

I’m really sorry to hear this.  I’m sharing below some thoughts about him.

Sophocles was the best teacher I have seen in my time in the ECE department at Rutgers. His dedication and commitment to teaching and student learning were exemplary. In my experience while department chair, he was the only faculty member I can say that was willing to take on a new course assignment, even in an area somewhat removed from his repertoire of courses in signal processing and linear systems, and executing it better than anyone had done it in the past. Upon my request, I was amazed at how well he taught Digital Logic Design during the last few years of his teaching in the department. I have never seen students enrolled in large classes happier than when Sophocles was teaching them.

It was a pleasure to have had Sophocles as a faculty colleague for over 25 years.