Rutgers is playing a key role in a new NSF scientific software initiative

Shantenu Jha is a co-PI and the lead Computing Engineer/Science Faculty on a new $20M NSF Scientific Software Innovation Institutes for Molecular Sciences. The Institute called MolSSI -- Molecular Science Software Institute, will enable computational scientists to tackle problems that are significantly larger and more complex than thosecurrently within reach. MolSSI will impact domains that use molecular simulations -- from proteins and drug designs to the next generation of materials.

MolSSI is one of only two Software Institutes funded by the NSF and represents some of the most innovative and daring investment in cyberinfrastructure in decades by the NSF. As part of this initiative, Prof. Jha will be responsible for the (i) software engineering process, (ii) middleware upon which MolSSI supported science and codes will depend, and (iii) deployment and integration with NSF production infrastructure.

For more information please see the press release from the NSF at