Researchers develop ‘smarter’ smartphone based on personality (ABC News)

Janne Lindqvist's recent work on smartphone interruptions has received a lot of attention in the popular media. The work done with his PhD students Fengpeng Yuan (CS) and Xianyi Gao (ECE) will be presented at CHI’17, the premier tier-1 publication venue for human-computer interaction.


The full paper is available here:

and a 30 second video preview here:

Prof. Lindqvist's work was highlighted on scientific websites such as the NSF, AAAS and ACM, has also received worldwide coverage in widely circulated articles. Below are a few examples:



Fox News:

"Tired of annoying phone alerts? New system could act as a 'secretary' to predict when you want to be left alone", in the Daily Mail

"Pardon the interruption: Here's how your smartphone could be less of a noodge", in Network World

"Smartphone notifications driving you crazy? This might help", in the Economic Times

Congratulations to Janne on the wide attention for his work!