Prof. Shantenu Jha's work featured in NSF Discovery Article

NSF has published an article where they talk about 9 ways in which computing has made an impact on HIV research. One of the 9 impactful ways is the work of ECE Professor Shantenu Jha with his collaborators: # 7 of, "Nine ways NSF-supported supercomputers help scientists understand and treat the disease"

The project demonstrated how researchers might use genetic sequencing techniques and massive computations to design patient-specific treatment protocols in near-real-time. In the future, it is expected that this type of patient-specific drug selection will become routine.

Shantenu Jha is an Associate Professor of ECE. In his 3.5 years at Rutgers, he has launched a very successful research operation in architecting/designing distributed cyberinfrastructure, has established rich collaborations around the world (including with those responsible for last year's Nobel Prize), and has already received substantial external recognition in terms of funding and prestigious awards (NIH, DoE, UK EPSRC, NSF CAREER award, Rutgers Board of Trustees Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence).