NSF SII planning grant award for WINLAB Team led by Raychaudhuri

The NSF has awarded a $300K/1yr Spectrum Innovation Initiative (SII) Planning Grant to a multi-university team led by Distinguished Professor Raychaudhuri (PI) and Ivan Seskar (co-PI) of Rutgers ECE/WINLAB. SII is a recently announced program at NSF which includes funding for a planned $25M/5yrs research center with full proposals due in March 2021. An abstract of the project is given below:

This proposal is aimed at the development of a comprehensive plan for an exceptional SII Center which would help maintain and extend US leadership in future wireless technologies, systems, and applications in science and engineering through the efficient use and sharing of radio spectrum. The team that has been assembled for this SII planning proposal spans eight universities (Rutgers, Columbia, NYU, U. Arizona, UT Austin, Oregon State, Princeton, and U. Wisconsin-Madison) and consists of well-established wireless researchers with prior contributions to spectrum across a range of specializations. The PIs propose to work together over the next 9-12 months to develop a compelling research agenda, round out the team’s expertise and diversity, conduct pilot studies to obtain preliminary results on key topics (TeraHz, passive spectrum users, and dynamic spectrum access), engage extensively with research, government, and industry stakeholders, and develop plans for experimental infrastructure and education/workforce development.

Congratulations to Ray and Ivan!