NSF Future Internet Architecture - Next Phase (FIA-NP) project awarded

A $5M NSF FIA-NP project, entitled The Next-Phase MobilityFirst Project - From Architecture and Protocol Design to Advanced Services and Trial Deployments (MobilityFirst-NP), has been awarded to Rutgers (lead) along with 6 other partner universities (UMass, Michigan, Duke, Wisconsin, MIT and U Nebraska). 

The PIs are Profs.  D. Raychaudhuri,   Rich Martin,   Wade TrappeRoy Yates and   Yanyong Zhang, with Kiran Nagaraja and   Ivan Seskar as Senior Personnel and funding for the Rutgers portion is $2.269M over 2 years.


This grant is a follow on to WINLAB's earlier $8M MobilityFirst project   funded under the NSF FIA program in 2010, and will focus on moving the proposed MobilityFirst future Internet architecture from design stage to multiple real-world technology trials.

NSF has a press release on the award at:   http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=131248


In addition to the NSF press release, there are a couple of trade press reports at the following links: