Non-invasive Continuous Ocular Glucose Sensor

ECE Professors Jeff Walling and Jaesok Jeon are collaborating on the development of a low power ocular sensor that continually monitors blood glucose levels using a chemical sensor embedded in a contact lens. Continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels will improve monitoring of diabetic patients and can also aid epidemiological studies for diet other healthcare related issues. This technology allows for non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar potentially ending the need for painful needle sticks among diabetic patients. To enable continuous monitoring, a transparent MEMS relay based analog-to-digital converter will digitize the signal so that it can be stored on a low-power memory cell that will be embedded on a small CMOS chip on the edge of the contact lens. All readings will be transmitted via a backscatter transmitter to a receiver embedded in a standard contact lens case that will also serve to wirelessly charge the contact lenses stored energy for operation during the next day.