More NSF SII planning grant good news

A team of Rutgers researchers is part of a multi-university initiative that has been awarded a $300K/1yr Spectrum Innovation Initiative (SII) Planning Grant from the NSF. The other universities in this collaborative effort are Virginia Tech, CMU, University of Florida, MIT, Purdue University, UT Austin and University of Washington.The Rutgers team is led by Professor Wade Trappe (PI). The co-PIs from Rutgers include ECE Professor Yingying Chen and Physics and Astronomy Professor Andrew Baker. SII is a recently announced program at NSF which includes funding for a planned $25M/5yrs research center with full proposals due in March 2021. An abstract of the project is given below:

This award is for planning activities for an envisioned center with three primary research activities aligned with national priorities: (1) increase of spectrum efficiency and agility; (2) enabling near real-time spectrum awareness and automated spectrum decision making; and (3) enforcement and security, passive use protection, and safety of radio frequency emissions. The team will carry out and promote research associated with spectrum flexibility and agility that will enable the use of multiple spectral bands, and novel multi-functional waveforms. They will carry out and promote research that provides the ability to manage and access spectrum at a high-level of fidelity and fine granularity while maximizing automation. And they will carry out and promote research that advances the state-of-the-art in spectrum rule enforcement and incumbent user protection, with a particular focus on protecting passive users of spectrum.

Congratulations to Wade, Yingying and Andrew!