Message from new ECE Graduate Director Yingying Chen

Dear ECE Graduate Students,
I'm honored to take the responsibility of the ECE Graduate Director effective today. I'm proud that our department has a great graduate program, which has been growing quickly in the past years. Going forward, with the support and efforts from all of you, I will try my best to have our graduate program not only sustain these unusual time periods but also become more and more attractive to students with different needs from various backgrounds. I hope every student who graduated from our program will be well-trained both technically and socially and will embrace a bright future. 
There is so much that I could learn from Dr. Zoran Gajic's 17 years experience of managing the ECE Graduate Program. He has made significant milestone achievements in the program while trying to take care of every student in the program. I always respect him. Dr. Gajic and I will work closely during the summertime to conduct a smooth transition of the job. 
If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the graduate program that you would like to discuss, you are very welcome to email me or call me. To more effectively serve the program, I will use to communicate. 
Looking forward to working with all of you!
Best regards,
Dr. Yingying (Jennifer) Chen
ECE Graduate Director