Jana: Ensuring Secure, Private and Flexible Data Access

Anand Sarwate received a grant through the DARPA Brandeis Program. The program was written up in the NY Time Bits blog:


The main program is here: http://www.darpa.mil/program/brandeis

"The Brandeis program seeks to develop the technical means to protect the private and proprietary information of individuals and enterprises. The vision of the Brandeis program is to break the tension between: (a) maintaining privacy and (b) being able to tap into the huge value of data. Rather than having to balance between them, Brandeis aims to build a third option – enabling safe and predictable sharing of data in which privacy is preserved.”

Anand's project is a subaward from Galois, Inc. to DIMACS with Rebecca Wright as PI and David Cash (CS) and Anand Sarwate as co-PIs. The project is to develop a private “data as a service” platform which merges secure multiparty computation and differential privacy to allow flexible secure and private sharing of sensitive data. They will be partnering with other teams funded through the DARPA program to integrate our technology and algorithms into an application system that is currently being negotiated. The Rutgers team will develop algorithms for cryptography and differential privacy and find ways to integrate these two frameworks.

Jana: Ensuring Secure, Private and Flexible Data Access September 15, 2015 — March 14, 2020